Rosie-Miniature Schnauzer


Breed Miniature Schnauzer
Age 5
Weight 20
Gender? Female
Vet’s Name VIP Pet Care
Tell us anything about your dog you would like us to know: (please include any allergies and personality) Rosie is very sweet and loves meeting new people. Everyone falls in love with her. She had an incident about 2 years ago that resulted in nerve damage to her right legs. She has come quite far in overcoming this through physical therapy and is now able to stand, walk, run, and even maneuver stairs. She just needs to take special care on slippery surfaces as it is hard for her to maintain her legs on slippery surfaces.
Cysts or any area we need to be aware of? She has a little bump on her head that is common in  miniature schnauzers.
Is it okay to text you with our monthly specials? Yes
Rosie-Miniature Schnauzer