Parker-Brittany Spaniel

Bruce Green


Breed Brittany Spaniel
Age 11 to 13 years?
Weight 48lbs
Gender? Male
Vet’s Name Dr. Vensil
Tell us anything about your dog you would like us to know: (please include any allergies and personality) Parker is completely deaf but hears high pitch sirens.  He loves to be groomed and especially brushed and blow dried.  He doesn’t like the Florida heat so we prefer a sports cut so he stays cool, we like to have him groomed every 4/5 weeks.  He is active and walks 5 to 7 miles a day. He also loves treats. He is a rescue and has been with us for 7 years.  He will try to escape to come home given the chance.
Cysts or any area we need to be aware of? Has a cyst on his right shoulder.  Has a blocked salvia gland on his neck.  Both have been checked by our Vet and they do not recommend surgery to remove either.
Is it okay to text you with our monthly specials? Yes
Parker-Brittany Spaniel