Maggie -Yorkie

Julie Gordon


Breed Yorkie
Age 8
Weight 13 lbs
Gender? Female
Vet’s Name Lake Mary Veterinary
Tell us anything about your dog you would like us to know: (please include any allergies and personality) Maggie doesn’t like to have her face or legs shaved. I have given her baths and tried shaving her, but she will try to bite. she shows her teeth and will growl when I go near her legs (both front and back) and her face. she’ll try to snip at me, but had never actually bit me. Her vet did give me medicine to help calm her, but I haven’t tried it yet.
Maggie is a rescue and had a really bad life. she was kept in a cage for 3 years and forced to breed. When she was rescued, they think she had 2-3 litters. She has come a very long way though. She is the sweetest girl.
Cysts or any area we need to be aware of? On the right side her neck, she has a tick head stuck. I did take her to an urgent vet and the doctor told me to let it be and it will just fall out on its own. She said to keep it dry (but grooming is fine), but to let you be aware of it.
Is it okay to text you with our monthly specials? Yes
Maggie -Yorkie