Bentley -Puggle

kelly mott


Breed Puggle
Age 5
Weight 38 lbs
Gender? Male
Vet’s Name Hidden Hills Animal Hospital
Tell us anything about your dog you would like us to know: (please include any allergies and personality) Bentley is very gentle and lovable. He loves every body he meets. He is part beagle and part pug, but he has more beagle than pug. He is very lazy and likes to sleep a lot. He gets short bursts of energy when he plays or after a bath. He loves to cuddle up next to you, but he is captivated by food. He doesn’t like cats and will bark a lot when he sees one. Other than that he hardly ever barks. He enjoys car rides, but is scared of the vet, storms, and loud noises like fireworks.
Cysts or any area we need to be aware of? He has very long nails that need to be cut. I don’t want him to be in pain when he walks and am concerned about that. We have hard wood floors at home. He doesn’t have any other issues.
Is it okay to text you with our monthly specials? Yes
Bentley -Puggle