Abby-Chocolate Lab

Michelle Statz


Abby-Chocolate Lab
Breed Chocolate Lab
Age 3
Weight 70
Gender? Female
Vet’s Name Matthew Wilson (Monument Road Animal Hospital)
Tell us anything about your dog you would like us to know: (please include any allergies and personality) Abby is allergic to chicken, and gets a skin rash and an ear infection when she has too much. She can have a few treats that have chicken as an ingredient, so okay to give her some.

She is a little apprehensive of people touching her ears, but they are dirty and need to be cleaned if possible. She does let our vet do them.

Abby is super friendly and loves people. She is a very kind girl who wants everyone to pet her. She still has that lab puppy energy, so feel free to let her run around and play!

Cysts or any area we need to be aware of? None.
Abby-Chocolate Lab