New!  Get a FREE Puppy Bath for Puppies Under 7 Months 

Mackenzie will bathe your pup, clean their ears and paws and get your little one familiar with the grooming table and shop. Mackenzie has the gentle shampoos that your pup needs and will spend time with the little one so grooming is fun and rewarding for you and the puppy! One bath per customer please.

Mighty Mutt Cut Super Deluxe Package: 
Includes bath, dry, styled and cut, nails trimmed and filed, anal glands and ears cleaned.

Mutt Cut Deluxe Package:  
Includes bath, dry, brush, trim or shave, ears cleaned and nails trimmed and filed.

Mutt Cut Saver:  
Includes bath, dry, brush, ears cleaned and nails cut and anal glands.

Mutt Cut Simply:
Bath, dry, brush and groomed or shaved

Individual services

  • Nails cut and filed
  • Ear special – ears cleaned & ear hair removal
  • Anal glands
  • “Pawdicure” – paw pad hair trimmed, pad conditioner, nails trimmed and filed
  • Bath, dry, brush
  • Flea shampoo and oatmeal conditioner
  • Paw pad package – paw pad hair trimmed and paw pads conditioned
  • Teeth brushing
  • Hygiene trim

** Please be aware we may charge $5-10 extra for extremely matted dogs or long,tangled hair **

We welcome your dogs with current vaccinations.   Sorry, pit bulls are not covered by insurance.

We have a page for you to fill out to tell us about any allergies, medical concerns or personality traits you would like to share when you come to the shop.

We have a convenient checklist and pictures so you can easily let Mackenzie know exactly what you want.  No worries about communication!

Gratuity is not expected, but greatly appreciated!  We will beat any price – bring a receipt!

We have Dog Grooming Gift Certificates for the Holidays!


We now have a lending library with non-fiction, instructional and fiction books all with dogs involved.  Come check out a mystery or a book about service dogs and return it on your next visit with your pup!